Nano Insul :
Nano insul is a unique modified ceramic paint additive that you mix it with ordinary house paint to insulate and reflect heat. During hot summer, Nano insul works by insulating and reflecting heat and reducing the amount of heat passing into your home through walls and ceilings. During winter, it reflects heat back into the living areas of your home instead of allowing the heat to be absorbed by your ceiling and walls. Nano insul is an insulating paint additive specifically designed for interior and exterior.

As the coating dries or cures to form a thin film, the tiny insulating and heat reflecting Nano insul spheres pack together to form a highly efficient insulating barrier.

Nano insul is a conventional insulation for industrial application.

This additive can be mixed with oil paints, automotive paints and other metal paints and applied as an excellent insulating heat barrier for silos, storage tanks, cold storages, cold rooms, insulated vehicles, a/c buses, hot and cold pipe line and many more heat/ cold, loss / gain application.

Nano insul can be mixed with any shades of paints.

This product warrants lifetime performance till the paint lost.